Yaroslav Pustarnakov

Advocacy Intern

Email: ypustarnakov@nullthefactcoalition.org

Yaroslav Pustarnakov

Yaroslav Pustarnakov is the Advocacy Intern at the FACT Coalition. As a member of FACT’s team, Yaroslav assists in day-to-day operations of the organization. This includes assisting with FACT’s social media profile; helping to follow up on commitments by coalition members; and, conducting research, and providing support with grant-and-report writing.

Yaroslav is an experienced campaigner, having been involved in national and local electoral campaigns. In a national campaign, he was an active member of a team in the United Kingdom who helped Karl McCartney to secure a position as a Member of Parliament for the city of Lincoln. On a local level, Yaroslav ran a campaign in the UK as a nominated candidate for the Abbey Ward in the Lincoln City Council elections.

Yaroslav holds two Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree: Peace and Conflict Studies, from Juniata College, Pennsylvania; and International Relations and Politics, from University of Lincoln, UK.