Incorporation Transparency
Offshore Tax Loopholes and Tax Avoidance

Revenue Lost on Profits Stashed in Offshore Havens

The “clock” to the right is counting revenue lost during the 113th Congress while it has failed to take any action to force multinational corporations to pay tax on profits stashed in offshore tax havens.

Revenue Lost on Profits Stashed in Offshore Havens



incorporation transparency

Did you know that it is easier to form a company in the U.S. than it is to get a driver’s license?

American and foreign terrorists, narco-traffickers, arms dealers, corrupt foreign officials, tax evaders and other criminals easily and regularly set up U.S.

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Corporate Taxation and Avoidance

The current tax code is riddled with loopholes inserted by special interests that result in large, multi-national corporations shifting their tax responsibilities to small and domestic businesses, and average taxpayers.

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anti-money laundering

The current approach to combating money laundering is failing and we need a clear, strong, and comprehensive approach to fixing it.

Rampant corruption among individuals and governments around the world and newspaper headlines filled with reports…

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