On Tax Day, Tax Haven Lobby Advocating for Tax Cheats
Lawmakers should reject efforts by the tax haven lobby to repeal the sensible transparency measure known as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
On First Anniversary of Panama Papers Release, What Have We Learned?
The U.S. has not made the progress necessary to crack down on the dangerous and illegal activity hidden behind anonymous companies.
  • Tax Plan Would Accelerate Offshore Tax Dodging

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    Statement by FACT Coalition on White House’s Tax Reform Outline

    The Administration released an outline today of its plan to reform the corporate tax code.  The signature reform is a reduction of the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%.

  • On Tax Day, Tax Haven Lobby Advocating for Tax Cheats

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    Congress Should Reject Tax Haven Lobby’s Push to Repeal FATCA Transparency Measure

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – As millions of Americans head to the post office today — this year’s deadline for filing individual tax returns — there is a stepped-up effort to make it easier for some to illegally evade paying their taxes.

  • New Bill Ends Offshoring — Offering Sensible Tax Reform Template

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    The Tax Fairness and Transparency Act Puts Domestic Businesses and Middle-Class Taxpayers First

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – New legislation introduced Thursday by Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) takes aim at the biggest offshore tax avoidance loopholes, offering a sensible template for tax reform, according to the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency Coalition (FACT Coalition).