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FACT Issues Response to Treasury Actions to Limit Corporate Inversions



September 23, 2014


FACT Issues Response to Treasury Actions to Limit Corporate Inversions


Washington, DC – The FACT (Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency) Coalition today issued the following responses on the new actions announced by the Treasury Department to limit corporate inversions.

A fact sheet on the substance of Treasury’s announcement can be found here.

Nicole Tichon, Senior Advisor, FACT Coalition:

“We are pleased to see that this critical issue is getting the attention of the Administration, but more needs to be done. Corporate tax dodgers who game the system have had a free pass for too long.  We can’t afford the current system, and we need to permanently change the law to make real progress.”


Jaimie Woo, Tax and Budget Associate for U.S. PIRG, a member of the FACT Steering Committee:

“Treasury’s proposal is a strong first step towards closing the loopholes that allow corporations to avoid their tax bill by inverting. Butnow the ball is in Congress’s court — in order to stop the use of inversions to avoid taxes, our representatives should waste no time in passing legislation that will fix the problem once and for all.” 


Additional resources:

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