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FACT Welcomes Bipartisan Bills to Counter Kleptocracy and Combat Global Corruption

Legislation Would Use Foreign Bribery Fines to Fund Global Anti-Corruption Efforts

Washington, DC — U.S. Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Roger Wicker (R-MS) introduced legislation Thursday that would establish a global anti-corruption action fund at the State Department, dedicated to shoring up the rule of law abroad and combating global corruption. The legislation – the Countering Russian and Other Overseas Kleptocracy (CROOK) Act (S.158) – would fund programs by drawing on multi-million dollar fines levied under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act against U.S. and foreign companies caught bribing foreign officials. Representatives Bill Keating (D-MA) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) introduced a companion draft (H.R.402) in the House last month.

Erica Hanichak, government affairs director for the FACT Coalition, issued the following statement:

“Corruption is a major economic and national security threat to the United States. Corruption undermines the rule of law, provides the lifeblood of authoritarian regimes, fuels human rights abuses, aids tax dodging, and enables transnational organized crime to flourish. It diverts precious resources away from those who most need them and fosters disillusionment with government and popular unrest.

“President Biden, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and other top officials have put foreign kleptocrats on notice by making anti-corruption a core part of America’s foreign policy. Congress should deliver tools, like the CROOK Act, and the partnership to make it happen.”


Note to the Editor:

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