Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering fuels everything from terror finance and sanctions evasion to human trafficking and corruption. However, experts warn that our anti-money laundering efforts are on the brink of failure, as law enforcement only interdicts less than one-half of one percent of the trillions of dollars laundered each year. We need a new approach to addressing money laundering and the dangerous threats to our safety and security from the crimes funded through illicit finance.

How a Mini Movement Overturned Secret US Shell Companies

Swiss bankers, and many other tax haven operatives, have always complained that they are unfairly victimised by international anger over their financial secrecy practices. “What about Delaware,” they routinely asked, “how come they can get away with it?”

And, at least in this respect, they had a point, even though it was merely a cheap exercise in what-aboutism. But, as of January 1, no longer:

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Just the FACTs: November 20, 2020

More than a decade after FACT Coalition member organizations began working to end anonymous companies, Congress is nearing the finish line to finally pass a bill that could do just that.

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