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‘McMafia’ isn’t fiction — Corruption is a Global Problem

This article was originally published in The Hill.

This week, AMC launched the gripping new crime drama, “McMafia”. The show tells the shocking story of modern day organized crime, corruption and money laundering that spans the globe — from the UK to Russia, Mexico and everywhere in between. While McMafia’s storyline is fictitious, its themes are chillingly real.

Corrupt deal-making at the highest level is happening right now, even in the U.S. In a year that has already seen ending anonymously-owned companies a top priority for some U.S. lawmakers, “McMafia” shines a light on these secretive companies and the uncomfortable truths that we at Global Witness have been campaigning on for many years.

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Mark Hays is the head of the anti-money laundering campaign at Global Witness.

This article was originally published in The Hill.