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Small businesses need Congress’ help to crack down on fraud

This article was originally published by The Hill.

Sometimes it feels like you have to be a superhero to build a successful small business. From performing multiple jobs to working long hours, it takes a lot of skill and strength to succeed.

One thing no small-business owner can do, however, is actually fight crime. As a result, Congress must protect small-business owners like me from fraud by requiring businesses to disclose the true identity of their owners.

I run an information technology consulting firm in the cybersecurity and defense logistics space, and corporate transparency legislation would go a long way toward protecting small firms like mine that compete for millions of dollars in government contracts or set-asides intended for small businesses.

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Laurie Calkins is the owner of Harpy Information Technology Solutions in St. Louis and a part of Small Business Majority’s network of 55,000 entrepreneurs.  

This article was originally published by The Hill.