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Sven Giegold: Global Tax Cooperation Remains Crucial

This article was originally published in the Parliament Magazine.

Giegold is a member of a parliamentary delegation which has just concluded a fact finding trip to Washington on what the US is doing to combat financial crime.

The delegation from the economic and monetary affairs committee was in Washington and New York to meet representatives from the US Treasury, the Institute of International Bankers (IIB) and the Federal Reserve Board (FRB).

During the three-day trip, which ended on Wednesday, the delegation also discussed transatlantic relations, developments in the field of financial market regulations and taxation, the impact of the US tax reform on financial institutions and regulatory challenges for foreign banks in the US.

Giegold, a member of the Greens/EFA group, said the trip was a chance to discuss the fight against money laundering, tax crimes and aggressive tax avoidance.

He said he had joined other members of the Parliament’s committee on financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance in meeting high level interlocutors including members of Congress, members of the US departments of Justice and Treasury, the World Bank, Apple, the anti-financial crime body FinCen, the IMF ICIJ journalists and the FACT coalition.

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