Nature crime

Dirty Gold Routes: A Decade of Illegal Mining and Laundering

FACT’s Julia Yansura is quoted in leading Peruvian investigative journalism outfit Ojo Público’s new investigation into mining and money laundering enclaves in the Amazon. The seven-month long investigation documents the export of at least 3,089 tons of high-purity gold of unknown origin from five Andean-Amazon countries between 2014 and 2023.

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Watch: FACT, Allies Host Press Briefing Outlining Policy Agenda for 2024

In January, FACT, TI-US, and GFI held a press briefing detailing the Coalition’s main policy areas to watch in 2024, including imminent actions by Treasury addressing money laundering risks through U.S. real estate and private investment markets, as well as new work at the intersection of environmental and financial crime.

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