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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Just the FACTs: March 21

Reforms advocated for by FACT, including those pertaining to beneficial ownership of anonymous shell entities, removing opacity from the U.S. real estate, private investment, and other luxury goods markets, and promoting greater tax transparency can bring the economic weight of new sanctions to bear. The U.S. must work expediently with its allies to permanently close financial gateways for Russia’s political elite to hide and grow their illicit wealth.

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FACT Welcomes Treasury Department Action to Counter Money Laundering through U.S. Real Estate

WASHINGTON, DC – In a comment letter submitted yesterday, the FACT Coalition welcomed action by the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to bring the U.S. real estate sector under the purview of federal anti-money laundering safeguards. The FACT Coalition offered guidance on how FinCEN should craft a rulemaking that would introduce permanent, nationwide standards to address illicit financial risks in the sector.

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