Fight Tax Evasion

Tax evasion from wealthy individuals using a variety of offshore schemes, including hiding assets in foreign bank accounts, robs U.S. taxpayers of tens of billions of dollars per year — and the costs for developing countries are even worse. A growing global norm in favor of transparency can ensure that all are held equally accountable for paying the taxes they owe.

Before W&M Oversight Subcommittee, FACT Government Affairs Director Erica Hanichak Calls on Congress to Deny Safe Haven to Tax Evasion and Illicit Finance

FACT Government Affairs Director Erica Hanichak spoke before the Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee in a hearing on the Pandora Papers. In her oral testimony, she stressed that Congress must fulfill its role in denying financial safe haven to tax evaders, drug traffickers, human rights abusers, kleptocrats, terror financiers, and sanctions dodgers.

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Transparency is the Prize in Post-Pandora Papers Scramble

The past week’s revelations through the “Pandora Papers” – the largest exposé to-date of how global politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and multinational companies use and abuse the “offshore” financial system – are both shocking and surprisingly familiar.

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