Territorial Tax System

Sen. Johnson (R-WI): Senate Tax Bill Incentivizes Offshoring of Jobs and Production

Coalition Welcomes Wisconsin Senator’s Remarks in Opposition to Tax Plan
WASHINGTON, D.C. — In announcing his opposition to the Senate tax plan Wednesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) mentioned that the bill’s shift to a so-called “territorial” tax system — whereby corporations are not taxed on their offshore profits — is one of the things that concerns him.

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Territorial: The Hidden Danger Beneath the Tax Rate Debate

Our tax system is fundamental to our democracy, delineating who pays the costs of a functioning civilization. But the system is broken, leaving an undeniable imbalance between the working and middle-classes and the wealthy and multinational companies. It would seem to follow then that the focus of tax reform should be around correcting this imbalance by targeting those that have gamed the system and flagrantly avoided taxation. Yet, the priority for Congress and the administration seems to be to exacerbate tax avoidance with greater incentives for shifting profits offshore.

There is currently $2.6 trillion booked offshore — untaxed — by multinational companies. This is the result of a gaping loophole for multinationals known as deferral, where a company can delay paying taxes until the profits are “repatriated” to the U.S. The administration has frequently cited this number as a reason our tax code needs “reform,” and, on that point, there is broad agreement. Our tax system undoubtedly needs reform, though, their solution—to simply not tax offshore profits—misses the point.

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President’s Expected Statement on Tax Giveaway to Multinationals Is Inaccurate

History Shows Tax Giveaways on Offshore Profits Neither Create Jobs nor Spur Investment
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The president is expected to claim in a speech Wednesday afternoon that a zero percent tax rate for multinational corporations that book profits offshore and a tax holiday for those multinationals that have already booked stockpiles of money offshore will increase the pay of the average American household by $4,000 — an erroneous notion according to the FACT Coalition.

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