Financial Secrecy Feeds Kleptocracy and Environmental Destruction. Now is the Time for the U.S. and the World to Act on Beneficial Ownership Reform

Operating in financial secrecy, bad actors are free to profit from environmental degradation, and in doing so undermine the global fight against climate change. As global leaders make new commitments this week at COP26, it’s time that politicians promise to shine a light on global financial secrecy, particularly the use of anonymous shell companies, as a crucial climate reform.

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Transparency is the Prize in Post-Pandora Papers Scramble

The past week’s revelations through the “Pandora Papers” – the largest exposé to-date of how global politicians, business leaders, celebrities, and multinational companies use and abuse the “offshore” financial system – are both shocking and surprisingly familiar.

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Tremendous Opportunities and Legitimate Concerns

The OECD two-pillar approach represents a historic opportunity to address global challenges. Serious equity concerns persist around the process and the current framework, though. Without an equitable final framework, it is hard to imagine that any agreement will be sustainable, as per G-24 warnings.

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