Julia Yansura

Program Director for Environmental Crime and Illicit Finance

Julia Yansura is the Program Director for Environmental Crime and Illicit Finance at the FACT Coalition. Her work aims to close anti money laundering and anti corruption loopholes that allow the proceeds of environmental crime to be laundered into the U.S. financial system. Geographically, her work is focused on the Western Hemisphere. 

Prior to joining FACT, Yansura served as Program Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at Global Financial Integrity, where she led projects in Colombia, Belize, Ecuador and El Salvador covering environmental crimes such as illegal mining and logging, as well as on other topics such as beneficial ownership, real estate, cryptocurrency, and international trade. From 2012-2019, Yansura worked at the Inter-American Dialogue on remittances, mobile money and financial inclusion. She remains passionate about financial inclusion and is convinced that it is possible to make our shared financial system both secure and inclusive.

Yansura is fluent in English and Spanish and has experience working in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and Belize. She holds an MA in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a BA in Russian from Grinnell College.